Inside Episode 3: All About Dogs…and a Crazy Kitten

Meet Miss Piggy. The face she is making in the photo above is called pigitude!

Shelah Barr and I met in San Francisco when Miss Piggy was starting to have neurological issues that caused a weakening of the back legs. She worked with us to strengthen Miss Piggy’s back legs so she could stay mobile as long as possible before she ultimately needed a rear wheel cart, which she used to walk, potty and eat for nine months until she passed in April, 2018.

Miss Piggy enjoyed the fresh ocean air on the Oregon beaches her last weekend.

We recorded this episode in Shelah’s apartment in the Castro.

In Shelah’s arm you’ll see Bunny, who we talked about in the episode in the Bunny vs. The Vet Tech part. Bunny was one of the original dogs from Muttville, a dedicated senior dog animal shelter based in San Francisco.

Aren’t the animals so well behaved?

Damn! Crazy Kitten!!!


Bunny passed shortly after we recorded this episode as well. Rest in peace you amazing animals!